Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dogs

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Loki Boy Hemp Oil for Dogs is an all natural, high quality hemp oil derived from Aussie-grown hemp plants, formulated for daily use.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Product Details

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Virgin Olive Oil


Health Benefits

While research on the therapeutic properties of full spectrum hemp oil for dogs is ongoing, customers have reported a number of benefits associated with giving their pets full spectrum hemp oil. It can help relieve arthritis and improve mobility, reduce pain and inflammation, soothe anxiety, overall cardiovascular health, reduce severity of seizures, improve digestive and skin health.

Hemp Oil Dogs Healthy Skin and Coat
How much full spectrum hemp oil your furry friend needs is ultimately contingent on two factors: the quality and potency of the oil and your dog’s weight. 

We recommend 1 drop per every 10-15kg of bodyweight. So if your dog is 10kg, you would give them 1 drop per day. If your dog is 60kg (like Loki), you would give them 5 drops per day.

You can administer the oil by applying it directly to your dog’s gums or the folds of their cheek. Another option is to add the oil on top of their food. It typically takes 30 to 60 minutes to take effect.

It’s important to note that it might take a little while for your dog to obtain the full benefits of full spectrum hemp oil. It is intended as a natural supplement to support your dog’s health and should not be used in place of any medications your dog may be on. If in doubt, we recommend discussing it with your vet.

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Hemp Oil Dogs Reduce Skin Conditions Eczema
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